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I speak English by Tifa22 I speak Spanish by Tifa22 Correct Me If I've Missed One by scarlet-pikachu STAMP critism welcomed by Lennylein
((so you can talk to me in either one, the one you feel more comfortable with))

Hello there! I am Mawichan, at least that is how you can refer to me on this site, (and others), other alternative names can be Mawi or Mawicha.

I am currently 17 years old, and I am studying Graphic Design in highschool (yes, I can do that in the highschool I am attending) I like to draw, make ilustrations, and write stories.
I also use MMD and I am expecting to learn more about 3D modeling and animation.
I enjoy watching anime, reading manga and playing videogames (not enought to be an otaku though). I am fond of Fantasy, Gothic, Cyberpunk and Steampunk themes, although I am not drawing those kind of things at the moment.

I will be using this account to upload Drawings, Comics, MMD pics, links to MMD Videos, any weird story or fanfic that suddenly comes to mind, etc. (I doubt there will be many fanfics here, I suck at that).
Feedback by Mr-Stamp Thank you -Stamp by LiitTutubi :

I love this guy.
LittleHouseOfMorons Stamp 2 by BreeBones

Just putting this here for when I need it.
Got tagged by: Maguro3

1.You must post these rules!
2.Answer the questions that the tagger set up for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4.Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged them. 
5.No tag backs!!
6.No junk in the tagging section about "You are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people. 

1. Have you celebrated Halloween and played some tricks?

I have only celebrated Halloween once. Since in my country Halloween isn't an official celebration neither a very big thing. Never played trics though. I got enough with the neightbors' kids throwing eggs in the street at random. 

2. Do you know, that a tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable?

Yeah, I know! I wonder why.

3. Do you like tofu? I heard many foreigners don't like it, because they only eat it pure.

I have never tried it to be honest. I might have a chance one day.

4. Do you like to bake cake?

Yes! I have never made one on my own, but I like to help my mom with it. 

5. Do you plan to give someone a Christmasgift this year?

Maybe. I never have money. So it's likely I won't. But I don't think I'll be able to see much of my family this year. I get the feeling my parents may get a bit apathetic this year thus, only visiting a few people.

6. PukaPuka Vacation! Already heard the song?

Oh god I didn't know! I am listening to it just now! Should I thank you?

7. How many fingers do you have?

In my hands? five each hand! fortunately. (seriously, like 4 teachers and the principal of the secondary school I went to lacked at least one or two of them)

8. What was the first anime you ever watched?

Oh boy. I do not remember which one would be exactly. But I believe it was either Digimon or Pokemon.

9. Listen to this in the morning:…

That was very pleasant to listen to~

10.Hm, this journal is not asakiku enough. Give me a suggestion how I can fix that.

Maybe with a little bit of this?

Ah, do you remember? by Mawichan

Okay. Now I should make my own questions:

1-How many lenguages do you speak? if you don't speak more than your own, is there any lenguage you are interested in?

2-Can you remember any weird or scary dream you have had lately?

3-For how long have you been doing art? or how did you start doing it?

4-Do you like tumblr?

5-Any place you wished you could visit?

6-Do you have any guilty pleasure?

7-Have you ever listened to anything by Nox Arcana or Corvus Corax?

8-Are you getting tired of these questions?

9-Good! only two left anyway. Did you know the eyes of foxes look quite cat like?

10-Which is your favorite season of the year?

Sorry to bother:











Whelp. If you don't feel like doing it, it's okay though. It's all just for fun. :D

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